Please read carefully!

  • Work process

    Please explain clearly what you’re looking for (for example a shirt design or album cover) and describe as exactly as possible, how you see your ideas; if available provide examples or sketches. After reviewing your request I will quote a price. If you have agreed upon the price I will develop several possible drafts. I require 50% payment upfront after you decide which draft you like the best. I’ll start with the actual artwork when I receive the payment. When the final work is in progress there will no longer be a chance for radical changes!

  • Communication and delays

    All work related messages will be handled over my Email account: I’ll be answering messages within two work days (not including time difference) unless otherwise stated. Since you will be given a estimate deadline I expect a response to my message(s) within the same time frame, otherwise it will delay the project and I can not exclude further delays because of other scheduled projects. This means you have to pay the full price even if you caused the delay.

  • Artwork adjustments

    As soon as I started the final artwork radically changes won’t be possible. Minor adjustments can be handled on a case by case basis. Also I can only work within the boundaries of the respective drawing technique I use which means you have to be aware of limits such as the different levels of details. If you want me to start over or change the artwork radically you have to pay on top of the full price we agreed on.

  • Payment and final data

    I only accept Paypal. The payment has to be made within a week. Once the final draft is completed and payment is made you will receive all important data. Please let me know what file formats you prefer, I offer all standard formats.

  • Use of artwork

    The artwork must be used as requested. You are not allowed to use the artwork for a different media/project without consulting me first. You are not allowed to alter or change the artwork by your own. For any further or different use you have to get my approval.

  • Social Media

    If not otherwise agreed I may post “work in progress” pictures on my social media pages. The final artwork will be revealed as soon as the commission is finished and not otherwise stated. When you post any of my art on social media please give credit by mentioning/tagging or

  • Physical copy

    Please send me one copy of the product my artwork is used.

Misanthropic-Art, August 2018