Rip-off alert

This is a list of people, bands and labels I had negative experiences with and caused me to introduce strict terms. I strongly advice not to work with them.
The reason I post this is simply because I believe no other fellow artist should go through the same experience I did. I think it’s irresponsible not to make this public and let the cancer spread. You have been warned.

  • Abdicated (br) Commission: cover art. Year: 2014. Reason: Didn’t pay. Contact: Paulo Roberto Balas.
  • Dark Funeral (se) Commission: shirt design. Year: 2017. Reason: liked the sketch and the work in progress images, but decided to not pay for it. ignored messages. Contact: Lord Ahriman, Heljarmadr.
  • Indiemerch (us) Commission: gig poster. Year: 2016. Reason: Doesn’t honor written down agreements. Violated such by not giving credit while this was specifically the main reason I accepted the commission. Contact: Karim Peter.
  • Incarceration (de) Commission: cover art. Year: 2016. Reason: Very difficult to work with. Approved sketch was rejected after over 50% the work was done. Payment was handled through the label. Contact: Daniel Silva.
  • Murder (srb) Commission: cover art. Year: 2011. Reason: stopped communicating. Contact: band.
  • Shrouded Path Crafts (at) Commission: – Year: 2017. Reason: Stole my artwork.
  • Pictavian Necromancy (in) Commission: – Year: 2014. Reason: Stole my artwork.